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The Power of a Pivotal Moment

How to Identify, Embrace and Capitalise on the Crucial Career Moments

Successful careers are defined in the few-but-crucial pivotal moments. This book will teach you how to take full advantage as you build the career you deserve.

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The Coach's Casebook

Mastering The Twelve Traits That Trap Us

In The Coach's Casebook you share the experience of a skilled coach meeting twelve clients, each struggling with one of the traits which every coach will face again and again in their coaching work.

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Scrum Mastery

From Good To Great Servant-Leadership

Scrum Mastery is for practicing ScrumMasters who want to develop themselves into a great servant-leader capable of taking their teams beyond simple process compliance.

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How to Create Empowering Beliefs

Change your life story

Negative beliefs can be changed; all it takes is digging a little deeper. And in doing so, you can change the course of your life for the better. Here are the steps to do so…

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Coaching offers a way forward, so you can start transforming your life and turn your dreams into reality.